Video: The Nature of Things – “The Man Who Tweeted Earth”

The season finale of THE NATURE OF THINGS – ‘The Man Who Tweeted Earth’ – airs Thursday, April 25 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV. Most of us can only imagine what life is like on board the International Space Station. But last December that all changed when Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield started his five month tour of duty. As Hadfield orbits the earth at 28,000 km/h, he uses social media to deliver a unique real-time connection to space that society has never been able to experience. Using Twitter to communicate and by constantly snapping pictures of Earth from above, Hadfield’s mission has helped to close the distance between us and space. Climb aboard the International Space station and get an in-depth look at Hadfield’s mission with the season finale of THE NATURE OF THINGS.