TV, eh? podcast episode 136 – “A Heaping Helping of Meh”

Diane and Anthony don’t let a paucity of subjects to talk about prevent them from talking for the usual length of time about the satire on Canadian TV and the insult from an American that hit a little too close to home, Rookie Blue’s May 23 premiere, Motive’s launch this week on ABC, and Netflix’s reaction to Canadian networks encroaching on their territory.

Beverage update: pomegranate lime sparkling water, Santa’s Secret tea, Moscato wine.

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 136 – “A Heaping Helping of Meh””

  1. I couldn’t find the YouTube video yesterday. Do I have to snag it right away?

  2. Possibly :) Looks like Anthony’s quick on the trigger. We’re debating whether to just leave the video up or not, but it probably means putting it on my account instead of his so just a bit of a change in process. And starting next week I’ll have a single link for each week ( It’s a bit of a work in progress …

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