TV, eh? podcast episode 139 – “You Do Know What Pedantic Means?”

Diane and Anthony talk and talk about:

Beverage update: sparkling water, Moscato wine, caramel cup rooibos

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4 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 139 – “You Do Know What Pedantic Means?””

  1. Back Alley did do Bomb Girls but Bomb Girls wasn’t on any of Bell’s channels so i am not so sure that would be the best reason for anyone at Bell to know the names of the production companies they work with. I wouldn’t discount the idea that Bell would sometime soon shoot themselves in the foot about production companies and interviews with this site, at least 25% of the time.

    The twitter accounts for the characters of Sherlock and RIzzoli & Isles do tend to be fairly active year-round. The first time i noticed that i was shocked because i had come to expect show or in-show accounts go dead with the season finale.

    It is with some of the least successful shows i have enjoyed that writers, directors,and cast of the shows would seek out the fans on twitter or wherever and have live chats when the new episodes came on tv. Broadcaster-moderated or broadcaster-initiated ‘events’ just aren’t the same.

    Storage Wars Canada … i doubt they will travel far from Toronto. What is the need to brand things “Canada”; the other shows in the franchise are branded by city or state.

    I know this is a month old but the adverts for US/MX The Bridge in Canada actually declare the show isn’t available to customers of Bell. It is not that they are using the show to get people to subscribe to Rogers Cable so much as to suggest they change from Bell to most any other service provider (except Netflix).

    I would have to agree that it was absolutely the single-camera set-up that was the cause for Seed’s potential viewers being scattered. ;)

      1. Perhaps listen (again). Anthony puts forward the idea that if you had asked your caller about Back Alley your caller wouldn’t know what you spoke of. You disagreed and at 33.12 said, “No, seriously, they know their production companies. Back Alley [something]. Back Alley did Bomb Girls. They know who they are.” It was so odd to hear the name of a Shaw show in the middle of a discussion about Bell calling you about one of their shows.

        Unless there is something missing from their website Played is the first show that Back Alley has made for a channel that at the time of its first-run was part of the Bell collective. Durham County is retroactively going to join that group if Bell’s acquisition of Astral really does happen.

        This podcast was the first one from tv, eh? i listened to. It was possibly the most entertaining CanCon i have heard this year. Diane + Anthony = naturally funny and educational. Satisfaction = trying to be funny. I am willing to try the second and third episodes but so far i am liking Seed a lot more, which feels so wrong to write.

        1. I’m sorry you found it strange but I said that for Anthony’s benefit, since he would know that show so be aware that Back Alley are one of the major production companies. And yes, Bell would know of a production company that produces another network’s show. Canadian networks know who the Canadian production companies are whether they currently have one of their shows on air or not – they hear pitches from them and develop shows with them, some that make it on the air and some that don’t. I have no respect for Bell PR but they would know who Back Alley is even if they had only ever done Bomb Girls, never mind being one of the major production companies in Canada, never mind that the entire point is that Back Alley produces the CTV show we were talking about, Played.

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