Confessions of a Degrassiaholic

From Margaret Lyons of Vulture:

Oh My God, I Have Seen 319 Episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation
I never set out to be a Degrassi completist. (Oh, and before you ask: No, I have not seen every episode of the original series. Most of them, though.) I started watching the show with my college roommates back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but even we didn’t really watch it on purpose — I think we were watching Daria reruns and just left the TV on. But then I was hooked. Every few minutes brought a new crisis, a new character with Some Big Deal Thing he or she was dealing with. The show dabbled in slapstick humiliation but also in story lines serious enough to warrant PSAs at the ends of episodes. Also, it was always, always on. Marathons! Specials! There was no end to the Degrassi wormhole. Continue reading.