Tickets available for Pop Quiz Toronto tapings

From a media release:

POP QUIZ pits contestants against one another in rapid succession. In each episode, 10 contestants positioned in a circle begin the challenge by answering random, pop culture questions. A wrong answer leads to elimination, while each round of questions becomes increasingly difficult – and increasingly hilarious. Each show, contestants compete against one another, themselves and the clock to win prizes – with stakes getting higher, games getting faster and prizes getting more exclusive as the match rolls on – until the day’s Pop Quiz Winner is crowned.

Tickets for POP QUIZ are currently available for the following dates:

Wednesday, July 17th 9:00AM
Wednesday, July 17th 1:30PM

If you are interested in attending a taping of POP QUIZ, please contact us at:

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POP QUIZ is filmed at SHOWLINE STUDIOS, 915 Lake Shore Blvd E Toronto, ON M4M 3L5.