My Pet’s Gone Viral premieres August 20 on Animal Planet

From a media release:

Animal Planet’s Funniest Home Videos! Canadian Original Series MY PET’S GONE VIRAL Spotlights the Funniest, Fuzziest, and Furriest Online Stars, Premiering August 20

  • Canadian original features hilarious pet video clips that have gone viral online, registering millions of views
  • The #MyPetsGoneViral experience continues online on Animal Planet’s Twitter

viralpetAnimal Planet’s MY PET’S GONE VIRAL is the perfect summer treat! The Canadian original series premieres Tuesday, August 20 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT and spotlights cute-as-can-be behind-the-scenes stories about now-famous pets – and their owners – who star in the world’s most ridiculously entertaining and popular internet videos. Some videos show pets doing impressive tricks, some are overwhelmingly funny, many are irresistibly cute, and some even capture a unique pet moment.

In each episode of the eight-part series, viewers spend a fun day with pet stars and their owners. Like any celebrity, find out the most interesting and loveable things about these pets, why the owners decided to make the video, and how the video has changed their lives.

MY PET’S GONE VIRAL highlights include:

Doberman Puppy Scared – 11 million clicks
Tessa, a one-year-old Doberman, is scared of a squeaky rubber toy.

Linus, The Boxer Loves His Baby – 30 million clicks
People think Linus looks scary, but he is a big softie when it comes to his infant sidekick!

Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan – 17 million clicks
Heart-felt and heart-warming story of a major stationed with Canadians in Kandahar.

Denver the Guilty Dog – 30 million clicks
Someone ate the kitty treats, but who’s the culprit?

Henri Le Chat Noir – 8 million clicks
This award-winning, French speaking existential feline stars in a series of noir comedies.