The Next Step season 2 begins production

From a media release:

Temple Street Productions and Family Channel announce start of principal photography on season 2 of The Next Step


Temple Street Productions Inc. (Temple Street) and Family Channel announced today that principal photography has begun on the second season of break out reality-style series, The Next Step. The serialized tween drama is created by Frank van Keeken, creator of the hit Temple Street series Wingin’ It, which also airs on Family Channel and Disney XD.

In addition to the 30 half-hour episodes on the channel, extra content will appear on including, The Next Step Aftershow web series featuring exclusive character interviews and behind-the-scenes footage and commentary on the series’ storylines.

Season two of The Next Step follows the lives of an elite group of dancers at The Next Step Dance Studio as they attempt to win at the highest levels of competition. But it takes a lot more than proper technique to be successful; the A-Troupe needs to learn to work together and accept everyone for who they are, if they truly want to win as a team.

The Next Step stars: Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle; Alexandra Beaton as Emily; Brittany Raymond as Riley; Trevor Tordjman as James; Isaac Lupien as Eldon; Lamar Johnson as West; Brennan Clost as Daniel; Jennifer Pappas as Chloe; Bree Wasylenko as Miss Kate; Samantha Grecchi as Stephanie; Tamina Pollack-Paris as Tiffany; and So You Think You Can Dance Canada season four winner Jordan Clark as Giselle. A national casting search found new cast members Zac Vran, who plays Hunter, someone from Michelle’s past; and Taveeta Szymanowicz as Thalia, a new studio member.

The remaining episodes from season one will debut on Family Channel this fall, culminating with the epic competition taking place at the regional championship.

Commissioned by Family Channel, The Next Step is produced by Temple Street and is executive produced by Frank van Keeken (Wingin’ It, Kids in the Hall, Billable Hours), Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier (Orphan Black, Being Erica, Wingin’ It). BBC Worldwide handles the international rights to the series. The Next Step is also produced with the financial assistance from The Shaw Rocket Fund.


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    1. Michelle’s ex boyfriend and a new dancer that will be introduced soon as not just as hunter but as well as Emily’s new boyfriend

      1. thank youu very much!!!, but Emily’s new bf WHAT!!!! she is dating eldon and how do you know that info?

  1. what is the next episode about?
    I want to know about it ?
    I already know that they get the wrong costumes for regionals.

  2. wait so how come he can join A-troup when 10 dancers are allowed? and how do u know this stuff

  3. i think michelle should give emily a break like whats up with eldon he likes emily so much and she finally dated him and now he is going to date michelle

    1. yeah because he has feelings for michelle and emily knew that something was going on and emily deserves someone better i think she sahould date someone else in A-troup

  4. Its gonna be out in March I believe!…. I luv this show… Can’t wait for season two!!!!!!

  5. Amanda- former elite dance captain
    Lucien- the choreographer/ owner of elite
    Hunter- someone from Michelle’s past/ ex-boyfriend
    Thalia- just a new dancer

    1. its not even march seventh that it starts it stats tonight it just introduces the second season

    1. yeha because she stole everything from her do u belive the emily is ever gonna like her idk if that will ever happen

  6. hello um… Just to say I absolutely HATE Emily she’s so stupid and annoying I absolutely love Michelle. I wish Emily could just die and get lost. Oh but not just Emily, Stephanie, Tiffany. I am so glad that Riley stood up to her sister (Emily). And as for eldon I would say just stop being a doofus and a dickhead, get a life and stop asking that idiot (Emily) out seriously. Anyway chao bye.

  7. When is Amanda gonna come out and show michelle the recording! Like she has not been in the last 4 episides!

  8. i absolutely love Thalia! shes so pretty and nice. shes such a great dancer. I hate Michelle! She’s such a boyfriend steeler!!!! I feel so sorry for Emily :(. i mean she lost her boyfriend to a blonde theif and now everyone hates emily because of the plan her and Riley made. why does everyone hate her? she admitted she was horrible but now she can actually be a great friend. STOP HATING ON EMILY!

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