3 thoughts on “Ratings: Week of July 15”

  1. Love the podcast, especially when you have a guest on the show. When is Kelly comming on again? I’d love to pick her brain some more, our industry can be kind of confusing. You guys should get some random friends to join you so we can get some reactions from average canadians mixed in with your debates (wich i love…..damn sim subs). Maybe delve into the disparity between Canadians aspirations for Canadian television and how broadcasters and the industry make hardly any effort to satiate our hunger for cancon ( constantly pandering to the states or using their shows as an easy money making system at our expense). I think it’s culturally degrading and insulting that our own industry doesn’t want to tell Canadian stories or take a chance on Canadian audiences. Things are getting better (not so much in movies) but not nearly good enough. I’m tired of funneling our Canadian dollars into the states to promote and strengthen and fuel thier cultural identity, it’s out of hand. I only pay for Canadian tv now and download American shows I like (not many these days). What do you think Diane? Am I off base or alone on this? I’d love to know Kelly’s insight on that too, maybe you can ask her for me next time she is on. Cheers

  2. Kelly Lynne was on a couple weeks ago but I will keep asking her back as long as she’s willing :) I’m currently trying to schedule another wonk to talk about second screen type of stuff, but summer is tricky for our own scheduling. At some point I’d like to have other people be able to join in spontaneously to the Hangout when we record the podcast but I’m not putting a lot of energy into scheduling people at the moment. Maybe post-summer!

    I think we talk fairly regularly about braodcasters’ indifference to cancon. I find it hard to support the idea that most Canadians are clamouring for more, but I do support the idea that Canadian broadcasters core business should be putting Canadian stories onscreen, and Canadians want to watch good, entertaining shows regardless of origin, and take pride when one of those good, entertaining shows happens to be Canadian.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments and if you know anyone else who wants to come on board the podcast let me know!

  3. You do talk a lot about broadcasters indifference to cancon and I love that and is a big reason why I tune in every week. From my experience through talking about cancon with friends and on various social networking and online forums, it seems to me that people really do want more cancon. But it’s not so much a thirst for more canadian stories, but rather people’s general growing distaste for the typical derivative american fare. I think you’re right that canadians don’t really care where it’s from as long as it’s good, but I think people see the fact that canada is kind of on a role right now and would like to see that continue and grow. Cheers, keep up the good work.

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