Why you need to watch Satisfaction

From Amber Dowling of TV Guide Canada:

Brunching to ‘Satisfaction’: You need to watch this show
Any comedy that can pull off a musical cold open about taxes before spending the remainder of the episode making life decisions while attempting to brunch is OK by me. Add in some ironic hipsters, a food vlog and a lemur and … well, you definitely have my attention. Continue reading.

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Diane Wild

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4 thoughts on “Why you need to watch Satisfaction”

  1. They DIDN”T pull it off. I’m so embarrassed to be a Canadian…This show is SO bad I can’t even be bothered to comment further. Let it die! Let it die!

  2. So go hide in a hole and pull the dirt on top of you then. Only thing that needs to die is your self hating Canadian bullshit shtick. It’s old. We are past it. Go away.

    1. Anonymous dude/dudette, it’s your attitude that needs to go away. People are free to express their opinion of a show no matter how strong that opinion is. Hateful and borderline violent opinions about other commenters are not ok.

  3. YIKES. You know, I do think the “I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian” thing over TV is a bit much…esp with all the other things to be embarrassed about being Canadian these days, but trolling is trolling. TV is supposed to be fun, not a subject for jihad.

    Esp when you see a writer like Dowling genuinely beating the drum for something she likes. We can all agree or disagree, but like Peter Mitchell says, “if you take the good stuff, you gotta take the bad stuff.”

    But those Tim Horton’s lids that never work? They make me embarrased to be Canadian.

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