New Sunday: Still Life on CBC


Still Life, CBC

CBC Television presents an engaging two-hour crime mystery of murder in a small town with the all-new made for television movie STILL LIFE: A THREE PINES MYSTERY, airing Sunday, September 15 at 8 p.m. ET (8:30 NT). Based on Canadian author Louise Penny’s international best-selling novel, STILL LIFE focuses on a picturesque small town that becomes unraveled after a beloved community member is found dead and the investigation into her death reveals layers of deceit, rage and long-simmering resentment.

Nestled in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships, the village of Three Pines basks in the tranquil glory of its autumn colours, sitting as a quiet refuge from fast-paced city life. But the blazing woods conceal a dark secret, as the lifeless body of much-loved school teacher Jane Neal is discovered, with an arrow shot straight through her heart, leaving the community to wonder – was this a tragic hunting accident or a devious murder? STILL LIFE stars Nathaniel Parker as “Chief Inspector Armand Gamache”, Anthony Lemke as “Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir”, Kate Hewlett as “Clara Morrow” and Gabriel Hogan as “Peter Morrow”.