New Monday: Satisfaction, Amazing Race Canada


Satisfaction, CTV – “Daddy Issues”
When Maggie’s (Leah Renee) dad comes to town, Jason (Luke Macfarlane) and Mark (Ryan Belleville) vie for his attention but discover a secret he’s been keeping in the process. Meanwhile the new, hardworking waitress at the bar quickly becomes Maggie’s nemesis.

The Amazing Race Canada, CTV
Synopsis currently unavailable.


One thought on “New Monday: Satisfaction, Amazing Race Canada”

  1. Gary Breakfast is still waaaaaaay too stereotypical-American-perception-of-typical-Canadian-as-portrayed-in-American-mass-media for my liking but i can almost tolerate the character. I have however found myself much more satisfied with Satisfaction than i thought i would. I still have not understood why it is titled Satisfaction. With the Australian show from a few years ago it was somewhat obvious why it was titled Satisfaction. ;)

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