New Monday: The Project Guatemala


The Project: Guatemala, OLN and City – “The Reveal” series premiere
The premiere episode follows the cast as they depart for rural Guatemala. After a quick meeting with host Ray Zahab (Running the Sahara), the participants party through the night and a love connection is made. The next morning, Zahab reveals what their six-week adventure really is – to build a community centre for orphaned and abandoned children in rural Guatemala – and gives everyone a chance to decide on whether or not they want to stay. Each week, following the broadcast of The Project: Guatemala, catch the series’ digital after show, The Project Live, online at Co-hosted by Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KISS 92.5) the half-hour program gives fans the opportunity to interact with the host and cast about what happened on The Project: Guatemala that week.

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