New Thursday: Played, Degrassi, Storage Wars Canada, Nature of Things


Played, CTV – “Drugs” series premiere
Undercover detective John Moreland (Walsh) faces suspension after assaulting a Drug Squad officer. He gets a second chance when Detective Sergeant Rebecca Ellis (West) recruits Moreland and his team into her newly formed Covert Investigations Unit. The C.I.U.’s first case is to take down David Thorpe (Serge Houde, 50/50), an elusive drug kingpin Moreland has been hunting for years. Rebecca’s leadership and her fragile relationship with Moreland are severely tested when Thorpe suspects that Moreland is a cop.

Degrassi, MTV – “This Is How We Do It”
Degrassi’s back in school. Student Council President Drew wants to make sure everyone has a positive year after the devastating loss of Adam. But it’s easier said than done when he’s battling insomnia. Zoë is about to tackle her greatest role yet: “Zoë Rivas, Degrassi Student.” But when you grow up on a film set, how do you know what’s cool in the real world? Alli wants to spend her senior year with her best friends but when Leo flies to be by her side, it’ll take some convincing for the group to accept him as her new BF.

Degrassi in Nicaragua, MTV – Special
This summer the cast of Degrassi travelled to the tiny village of El Trapiche in Nicaragua with Free The Children, to help provide the newly established school with a much needed fresh water supply. Cast members Munro Chambers, Chloe Rose, and Luke Bilyk embark on a life changing adventure in this 30-minute MTV special.

Storage Wars Canada, OLN – “Ain’t No Locker Like a Birthday Locker”
Cindy looks for Rick’s birthday present in North York, Ontario, while the other buyers hope to crash the party.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Carpe Diem”
The threat of the Asian Carp, and the scientific and unorthodox methods being utilized against them.