Played goes undercover

From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

Toronto steals the show in CTV’s new cop procedural Played
Actors are, as a rule, not shy about discussing the many preparations they undertake for a role. Weeks of study, job shadowing, physical training, that kind of thing. An actor who plays a coroner once described time spent in a hospital morgue in such vivid detail that her interviewer almost excused himself to retch. Continue reading.

From Alex Strachan of Postmedia News:

Psychological thriller moves at brisk pace
Played seethes with anxiety and coiled tension. Set inside the glass towers and seedy back alleys of Toronto and featuring an assured, confident ensemble — Vincent Walsh as the cop-with-attitude assigned to a rogue undercover unit; Chandra West as the calculating chameleon with a mind for playing for the long game; Lisa Marcos as the empath with a gift for getting inside the heads of her quarry, and losing a bit of herself in the process — Played moves along at a brisk clip, without resorting to mayhem and noisy action sequences. It’s more of a psychological thriller than an action adventure, but that doesn’t mean it has to be slow or tedious. Continue reading.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

Playfulness missing from too-serious Canadian cop series
Police work — particularly the undercover variety, in which the wrong word or an ill-timed flinch can put lives at risk — is a deadly serious business. There’s no margin for error, and no time for tomfoolery. A TV show about undercover police work, however… well, something like that ought to be at least a little bit of fun. Continue reading.

From D.K. Latta of Huffington Post Canada:

CTV’s Crime-Drama Played is Worth Betting On
There was a time when you could declare a Canadian TV season successful if two series were airing around the same time. And a “hit” season if people had actually heard of one of them. But in recent years, we’ve seen Canadian series enjoy modest popular success and critical acclaim — occasionally at the same time. And though the number of series in production is still pretty miserly (for a G7 Nation) there are actually enough that there’s a fall season of new shows (comedies like Package Deal and Spun Out), returning shows (The Murdoch Mysteries, Republic of Doyle) and even “re-vamped” returning shows (Cracked). And along comes Played — CTV’s crime-drama about undercover cops that premieres Thursday, Oct. 3rd. Continue reading.

From Tony Wong of the Toronto Star:

Lisa Marcos, Vincent Walsh, Chandra West star in new cop drama
As an actor, Lisa Marcos is used to assuming another identity.
In the CTV series Played (debuting Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m.), she plays undercover detective Maria Cortez, who is always assuming another identity. The role, says Marcos, is eminently relatable. Except the stakes are much higher. Continue reading.

From Melissa Hank of Postmedia News:

Chandra West takes centre stage in Played
When Shakespeare wrote that all the world’s a stage and each must play a part, he probably wasn’t thinking about collaring crooks. But the cops in the CTV drama Played are just as likely to break a figurative leg as a literal one. Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

CTV’s Played a slick seen-it-before
CTV has had good luck opening Canadian shows at 10 p.m. Thursdays. Can they keep the streak alive tonight with Played?
The undercover cop drama stars Irish/Canadian actor Vincent Walsh as Det. John Moreland. Walsh has worked everything from Hemingway vs Callaghan to Lost Girl to Republic of Doyle over a two continent career. I first caught up with him years ago in Halifax on Shattered City. Continue reading.