Super Duper Deelia in development


  • New half-hour live action series for girls from the mind of Supergirl

Leading producer and distributor Shaftesbury today announced that it has partnered with actor, writer and producer Laura Vandervoort (Bitten; Smallville) on Super Duper Deelia, a new series for girls created by Vandervoort and targeted to girls aged six to 12. Produced by Shaftesbury in association with John May and Suzanne Bolch of Heroic Television (How to be Indie; Connor Undercover), the half-hour live action series follows the adventures of a young girl who discovers she has superpowers on her 10th birthday.

“I was a tomboy growing up, and didn’t like princesses, ponies or pink,” said Vandervoort. “There weren’t any television series that I wanted to watch growing up. With my Supergirl background and fan base, I thought it would be great to develop a series that speaks to girls like me.”

“Super Duper Deelia is about embracing your individuality and learning how to be yourself in the world,” said Christina Jennings, Chairman and CEO, Shaftesbury. “Laura has created a unique and empowering character for girls in Deelia, who struggles with how best to use the superpowers she suddenly inherits on her 10th birthday. Luckily she has a great group of friends, a wise grandmother and a talking dog to confide in.”

Deelia has always been super – a super friend, a super creator of the most original outfits and a super human to her dog. But on her 10th birthday, she discovers that she’s not just super in a regular way – she has actual real powers. The big question: what to do with them? Deelia wants to use them to change things for the better, but her ideas of how to do that don’t always work out the way she hopes. Luckily, she’s not out there super-heroing it on her own. Deelia comes from a long line of super women including her grandmother, who has plenty of good advice to share. Plus Deelia’s dog, Shadow, is not just a loveable mutt. He’s also her very own sidekick with powers of his own, including the ability to talk. Super Duper Deelia is a series about the fun, challenges and temptations of growing up super – and discovering that the ultimate power is actually the ability to think differently.

The star of the highly anticipated new Space and Syfy series Bitten, Laura Vandervoort is a Canadian actor, writer and producer best known for her iconic role as Kara (Supergirl) in The CW’s global hit series Smallville. Vandervoort launched her career at a young age in popular kids’ series Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? before going on to star in such series as Instant Star and V and feature films including The Entitled, This Means War and Ted.

Super Duper Deelia is created by Laura Vandervoort and executive produced by Vandervoort, Christina Jennings, John May and Suzanne Bolch.