2 thoughts on “Listen: CBC’s The Current debate on “golden age” Canadian TV”

  1. Great debate today!!! Kudos to John Doyle for starting a long overdue conversation about the creative state of Canadian television. BUT ALSO, BIG KUDOS to Sally Catto for taking Doyle on and defending her position as part of the public broadcasting system. If I didn’t respect her (which I do), she would certainly have my respect after today’s debate. Diane, your point about the small number of television critics who seriously review Canadian television series is worth noting. All too often new shows aren’t reviewed, instead we get a plethora of puff pieces about the cast and their personal connection to their characters. Further, the television critics we do have should check in with the shows from time to time and do follow up reviews. Those of us who work in television know those first four shows can be a little bumpy as we’re finding our feet (just look at Marvel’s Agents of Shield, for example). I have seen John Doyle do this from time to time but it should be part of the process.

    Lastly, and this must be said, shows like Mad Men, LOST, The Sopranos, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead are HOME RUNS because they are ORIGINAL. All of these shows turned their genre on their head. This is why critics talk about them, audiences find them and they become successful. With few exceptions (including, Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries, Less Than Kind, Durham County and Intelligence), ORIGINAL is simply not encouraged. Thus, critics shrug, audiences are apathetic and shows – don’t fail – but don’t swing for the fences either. But, frankly, does it matter? I mean, despite this being the “the golden age of television”, NCIS is still the number one series in the United States.

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