New Wednesday: Ice Pilots NWT, Dragons’ Den, Republic of Doyle,

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Ice Pilots NWT, History – season premiere
As the coldest winter in decades grips Yellowknife, everyone at Buffalo faces the huge challenge of keeping the aging fleet in the air. A landing gear collapse sends the entire crew scrambling, tensions run high as green co-pilots make dangerous mistakes, and a longtime member of the Buffalo family leaves for good.

Dragons’ Den, CBC
An established business tries to wheel a deal; a pitcher horses around in the Den; and a tasty treat sparks a bidding war. Plus, a men’s shoe company tries to measure up to the Dragons’ expectations.

Republic of Doyle, CBC – “Gun For Hire”
Troublemaker Martin Poole (Nicholas Campbell) comes back and Jake and Mal have no choice but to contend with a determined hitman when a man’s life is on the line. Tinny makes a big decision about her personal life. Guest stars: Nicholas Campbell, Ryan Robbins, Jonathan Keltz, Claire Rankin, Steve Bacic, Mishka Thebaud.