New Thursday: Played, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone


Played, CTV – “Lawyers”
A high-end litigator at a downtown law office goes missing, and his colleague Anna Quinn (Christine Horne) believes the firm’s partners, specialists in corporate crime, are involved. Posing as an old friend of Anna’s, Moreland (Vincent Walsh) cozies up to managing partner Christopher Locke (Gord Rand) – a guy with thousand dollar suits in his closet and a violent ‘fixer’ at the end of his phone. To expose the truth, Moreland engages Anna in a dangerous play.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo”
What if each of us could make the symptoms of an illness disappear? Cast a spell so powerful it would actually heal our bodies, help us walk, or breathe better? For centuries placebos have been thought of as just fake medicine, but Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo explores the growing scientific evidence that placebos can have powerful—and real—effects on our minds and bodies.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Flying Solo”
Examines one of the most significant social changes of our time – the global trend toward living alone. The number of adults living alone has tripled in half a century. In Canada, for the first time in history, there are more one person households than couple households with kids. In North America, more than 50% of us are single. It is also the fastest rising demographic in China, Europe, and the Middle East. Does living alone herald a new type of liberation – or is it a form of isolation? Why is this happening – and why does it matter? Through profiles of single adults, expert interviews, and a look at the role of women, social media and urbanization, “Flying Solo” reveals what’s fuelling this trend – and what it means for our future.