New Thursday: Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Played

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Invasion of the Brain Snatchers”
Parasites brainwashing their hosts — it sounds like something straight out of science fiction. But this is no horror movie, this is a fascinating, new field of study. From zombie ants to a creature that may be influencing whole human cultures, INVASION OF THE BRAIN SNATCHERS isn’t afraid to dive into the world of parasites.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Superstitious Minds”
We embrace our superstitions even though we live in the most scientifically advanced time in all of history. Is superstition the tonic we need to face a more frightening world?

Played, CTV
The past and present collide for Jesse (Adam Butcher) when he has to infiltrate his old street gang, which includes his old friend Tibbs (Chad Rook).