New Friday: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

marketplace1.jpgMarketplace, CBC – “Knock It Off”

MARKETPLACE reveals the secret psychology of persuasion used by door-to-door salespeople to get you to buy at the door. People have been burned and door knocking salespeople can be a real menace. In story after story, a knock on the door leads to people getting taken for a ride. MARKETPLACE partner’s with one expert who knows all the tricks of the trade, because he’s knocked on thousands of doors, made lots of sales, and has even written a book revealing his secrets – how to get home owners to buy at the door. He says he’s a millionaire, all from selling door to door. Hosted by Erica Johnson, MARKETPLACE reveals five sales secrets used on Canadians at the door, and then in turn tries them out on unsuspecting Canadians. Some Canadians are fighting back in desperate ways, and in one B.C. town, they’ve banned door knocking all together.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Strange World of Julian Assange”
The controversial WikiLeaks founder gets the Hollywood treatment in the new movie ‘The Fifth Estate’ but the real fifth estate on CBC-TV tracks the inside story of the man in his own words, his secrets and his scandals. How did he get started, what was the global impact of his whistle-blowing website and what cost have whistle-blowers paid for leaking secrets? The rise and fall of Julian Assange – not the Hollywood fiction, the real fifth estate story.