New Thursday: Played, Nature of Things, Doc Zone


Played, CTV – “Cars”
Maria (Lisa Marcos) shows nerves of steel edging her way into an auto-theft ring that specializes in brutality and luxury cars. However, she’s not nearly as brave in her private romantic life. On the play, she risks her safety and that of her colleagues by trusting one of the gang members (Jake Croker, THE KILLING) with her true identity.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Untangling Alzheimer’s”
David Suzuki has a very personal interest in the disease of Alzheimer’s because his mother, aunt and two uncles died of it. We join David on an intimate journey as he explores the newest breakthroughs in understanding this devastating disease as well as his own chances of contracting the cruel condition.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Bite Me: The Bed Bug Invasion”
Cimex lectularius, mahogany flat, redcoat, bed bug. Call them what you like, these bloodsuckers can really get under your skin – literally!