New Thursday: Played, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone


Played, CTV – “Poison”
The C.I.U. believes a bad batch of drugs is killing young hipsters at an illegal after-hours club. Trying to ignore their attraction to each other, Khali (Agam Darshi) and Jesse (Adam Butcher) go clubbing, looking for answers. Jesse thinks he can score names from the cheeky bartender Beetle (Kacey Rohl), while Khali’s undercover skills are tested when she tries to tease information from the club owner (Sebastien Roberts). But the deaths are not overdoses, they’re murders. With the killer’s gun aimed at Jesse, Khali makes an intensely emotional appeal to save his life.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “A Dog’s Life”
A Dog’s Life reveals how our best friends perceive the world – from the moment they take their first morning walk to the time they curl up at our feet to go to sleep. We accompany Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, through an average day and on the way discover that, while dogs are not miniature humans, they are amazingly well adapted to life with us.

Doc Zone, CBC – “The Condo Game”
Goes behind the scenes to reveal what is fueling the remarkable condo-building boom in Toronto (North America’s biggest condo market). The film also looks back at Vancouver’s ‘leaky condo’ scandal and the lessons learned from that experience – one that led to reforms and a rethink about condo development in that city.