New Friday: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate


CBC, Marketplace – “Price Wars”
A hidden camera investigation by MARKETPLACE has revealed that automakers are blocking Canadians from taking advantage of cheaper prices south of the border, to protect inflated prices in Canada. MARKETPLACE went undercover at over a dozen car dealerships in Bellingham, Washington and Buffalo, New York – where dealer after dealer said they couldn’t sell us a car, simply because we’re Canucks. Dealers confess that the car giants north and south of the border have quiet deals to keep prices high in Canada. We’re told if they ignore the deal, dealerships can lose their franchise. The biggest consumer frustration – even cars manufactured in Canada are sold cheaper across the line.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Conspiracy Files: JFK and 9/11”
When national tragedies occur they naturally trigger painful soul-searching. Whether it is the murder of JFK or the dreadful events of 9/11, Americans have searched long and hard for answers. In both cases a national consensus emerged over time about the single gunman who shot JFK… and the reasons the towers collapsed on 9/11. But some still question the so-called ‘official version’ of history. They passionately believe in other – often radical – explanations. And they think there might be conspiracies to hide the real truth.