New Thursday: Played, Nature of Things, Doc Zone


Played, CTV – “Secrets”
Rebecca (Chandra West) finally has the informant she’s been waiting for in Angie Sarich (Camille Sullivan, MOTIVE), the accountant for elusive and powerful drug kingpin Thomas Novak (John Ralston, LIFE WITH DEREK). Angie wants to work with the C.I.U. to take Novak down and start a new life for her and her son, but a shocking connection between Rebecca and Novak puts everyone at risk.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Where Am I?”
Explores the skills we use to find our way around. Some of us seem to always know where we are, while others rarely do. What makes the difference?

Doc Zone, CBC – “Mission Asteroid”
The asteroid threat is real. So are the heroes that can stop it. These asteroid experts will address questions about how humans could potentially live on and extract resources from asteroids. Furthermore, the documentary will show plans for space settlement and explain the gravity of the asteroid threat – but also gives hope for the future.


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