We did it. YOU did it.

Thank you so much for getting us past $20,000 to fund the return of TV, eh?! There’s 3 days left in the campaign and all we can say is thank you thank you thank you. (And there’s still time to donate if you want us to exceed our dreams by even more than 1,381%.)

Well ok I’ll say a little more: we are humbled and grateful for the support and we want to do you proud for having this kind of faith in us. We’ve gathered a great team of people to provide content and are excited to have this base to work from — both financial and number of supporters — as we seek stable funding and dive into the Canadian TV world again.

We didn’t think we’d be up and running even before the campaign was over but you brought us back to life (but not in the creepy zombie way).

Thank you. Did I mention thank you? Here’s Greg saying it:

And me from earlier in the campaign:

Thank you.


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