Comments and queries for the week of Aug. 22

Welcome to what I hope will become a weekly column, where I respond to your questions and comments about your favourite Canadian television shows and the TV industry overall.

Could you please tell me if the following Canadian shows have been renewed: Motive, Played, Seed, Saving Hope, Cracked, Remedy and Night Shift? I really like these shows and hate to not get another season. Please tell me they have been renewed. Also, when will Heartland premiere this year? –Debbie

Hi Debbie, congratulations on being the first-ever Mailbag question! It’s a good news/bad news for several of your faves, so let’s start with the good: Motive, Remedy and Saving Hope have all be renewed, the first two are headed into production while Hope returns to CTV on Sept. 22 and 25th for a two-night event. Seed, Played and Cracked were all cancelled. U.S. series Night Shift has been renewed for a second go-round by NBC.

As for Heartland, we’re still waiting on CBC to make their formal announcement with regard to when new shows will debut and favourites will return, but I’m thinking it will be in September. What I do know is that Season 8 of Heartland will celebrate its 125th episode, making it the longest-running Canadian one-hour dramatic series in history.


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  1. Im happy to see this column. I really like the direction that the site is going in with this questions column and the opinion pièces and such.

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