TV, eh? podcast episode 164 – “The Black Hole of Saturday Night”



Anthony, Greg and Diane gather once again to talk about the Canadian TV news of the past two weeks:

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 164 – “The Black Hole of Saturday Night””

  1. My favourite series finale of all time was the one from Dawson`s Creek. I wanted to come up with a Canadian tv series finale that was my favourite for the purpose of this site, but I can`t remember how any of the Canadian shows I liked ended. Vaguely I recall liking how Road to Avonlea ended although I never saw the Merry Christmas Miss King tv movie.

    Thank you so much for clarifying the TSN Winnipeg Jets thing. Last season, Jets fans were told they`d have to pay $15.99 a month to watch Jets games on TSN`s “special” TSN Jets channel. I refused to pay that and therefore was left with a handful of games which appeared on HNIC and the regular TSN channel. How is that fair when Leafs and Oilers fans get countless games included in their regular satellite/cable packages? I pay enough for regular satellite as it is. I pay $33.95 for the basic channels (we watch 20 of 168 channels included in that), $24 to get the bundle that includes A&E, HGTV, Discovery Channel, History, Space and Showcase (in addition to 29 other channels we don’t watch), $20 for Movie Central (my husbands choice–not mine), $5 for timeshifting, $10 for Wild TV (in a bundle with 9 other channels we don’t watch) and to get the extra channels of ABC Spark, Animal Planet, Bravo, Disney Junior, CW, Juicebox, Wild we pay $12. I personally, could have lived with just basic plus Netflix but the problem is, my husband doesn’t even watch any basic. His thing is that as long as he has Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Movie Central, HGTV and Wild TV he’s happy–the trouble is that for those channels we have to pay an extra $66! He doesn’t really watch Netflix as he only likes newer movies and reality-based shows like Timber Kings, Swamp People and Ice Cold Gold which Netflix really doesn’t have, at least in Canada.

  2. Quick corrections to podcast: The Honourable Woman is an 8-part miniseries and CBC’s first attempt at broadcasting an Aussie drama was this summer’s Secrets & Lies.

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