Review: Haven says goodbye to fan favourite

Spoiler alert: Jennifer is dead. This wasn’t a surprise for die-hard Haven fans or loyal Twitter followers of actress Emma Lahana and her former co-star Eric Balfour. The duo had traded “miss you’s” on social media earlier this year when cameras began to roll on Season 5. Still, it was a bit of a bummer to have her exit confirmed during Haven‘s two-hour return on Thursday.

The implosion of the lighthouse–the third time that poor thing has been destroyed in five seasons–marked the start of “See No Evil.” Everyone who had been under there when the gateway door closed after sucking in William in the Season 4 finale–Nathan, Duke, Dave, Vince, Dwight, Mara/Audrey (a.k.a. Maudrey) and Jennifer–had been strewn across parts of the town and spent time meeting up again and accessing the damage. No one could find Jennifer and Duke made it his mission during “See No Evil” and the follow-up “Speak No Evil” to find her.

The ultimate realization she was dead–after several other corpses turn up thanks to a Trouble exuded by Duke that sewed up eyelids, ears and mouths as long as he was in denial about Jennifer’s fate–was crushing to the lanky entrepreneur. As a viewer, I was devastated. Lahana’s Jennifer was spunky, sarcastic and fun, the perfect match for Balfour’s Duke. The two made a fantastic couple and I’m going to miss that terribly. Of course, Haven is a sci-fi show and she could come back to life because of some twist in the plot, but I don’ t think that’s in the cards.

Meanwhile, Haven‘s other power couple are having Troubles troubles of their own. Audrey is still inside her body, but Mara is in full control. That’s a major issue for Nathan, who just wants his lady love back. I want them to be together too–five seasons is a long time to drag the relationship out–but I am liking Mara. Sure, she’s cold, bitchy and super-mean to puppy dog Nathan, but she’s also an interesting character. I’m sure actress Emily Rose is having a blast jumping back and forth between playing these gals, softening her features for the seconds Audrey comes through and hardening them for Mara.

Mara’s original plan was to leave Haven through one of several thin areas between dimensions–a popular Stephen King trope I might add–but she has been thwarted so far and is stuck in the town for the time being. In the interim, she’s going to make life hell for Nathan and the townsfolk, while new Guard leader Dwight–who took over for Vince by the end of Thursday’s episodes–figures out how to protect the town from Maudrey’s ongoing menace.

Haven airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.


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  1. I am SO bummed out that Jennifer is dead!!! I think they should bring her back – I know, very weird – oh, but, we are talking about HAVEN. Jennifer is perfect for Duke and a great friend to everyone else – come on, bring her back!!!

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