Review: Photo shoots and first dates on The Bachelor Canada

It usually takes several weeks for a bachelorette to get mistrustful and jealous of her competition and protective of the bachelor, but Kaylynn got things going early and often on Thursday night.

It began with her scoring the first one-on-one of the season with Tim; the pair swooped over Vancouver in a helicopter before taking a gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain where they shared a meal and smooches before he handed her a rose. Tim explained he’d chosen Kaylynn for the first date because of their almost instant connection and discussions surrounding bullying. Kaylynn bookended the episode by breaking down in tears during the cocktail party and after those who got roses were celebrating. The focus of her ire? Martha, who had tried to be supportive of Kaylynn by trying to assuage her jealousy, explaining that Tim had given her a rose–the first of the week–and that Kaylynn should therefore be happy. Instead, tearful Kaylynn wanted to punch Martha and Tim had to intervene.

I know it makes for great TV, but Kaylynn sure came off like a spoiled brat. Rather than be happy to be sticking around and giving the girls who were eliminated– ER doctor Renee-Anne and nurse Alison–a hug, she made the end of the week all about her. Maybe it’s in her game plan to have Tim come running every time she cries, but I pretty much guarantee he’ll get tired of that and cut her loose.

Tim certainly doesn’t let things go on if they’re not working out. Just ask Sonia the lingerie model, who failed to make a connection with Tim during what was supposed to be a sultry photo shoot for Flare magazine. Despite making a living at being a model, there was just awkwardness between the two and Tim pulled her aside long enough to explain that there was no place for her in the mansion. Natalie the school teacher (and my Bachelor pool pick), on the other hand, assured herself of another week in the mansion by planting a kiss on Tim while the cameras snapped away.

The other group date of the episode–a dragon boat race in the pouring rain–allowed Tim to see enough of Rileigh to keep her around despite her orders that “Show Tim” be put on the shelf in favour of honesty. The fact she accused him of acting a certain way in front of the cameras was a bold move that clearly paid off. Speaking of cameras, The Bachelor Canada looks stellar and slick this season despite dealing with horrible weather that they don’t contend with in Los Angeles.

Next week the guy and the gals head to Cabo where they’ll be bathed in sunlight and saturated with booze.

The Bachelor Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.