One thought on “Link: Motive shoots Vancouver as Vancouver”

  1. It’s nice to hear the setting in the show isn’t generic. One thing that alway bothered me about much of the cancon from the 90s and 00s is that settings in shows were often generic. In my opinion the setting is half the story. When a show fails to spell out and capture a specific setting, it has no chance at greatness. When I think of my favorite shows of all time–McLeod’s Daughters, Gilmore Girls. Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Party of Five, Jericho, Road to Avonlea, North if 60, Dr. Quinn, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey–the setting of each of those was important to the story. When you pull out the identity of the setting, it’s like pulling a rug our from under it.

    On another note, still no news about Continuum? It’s October and that show has been in limbo for a while now.

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