Tonight: Meet the Family, W5

Meet the Family, City – “Dead, Bath and Beyond”

Ryan is meeting his girlfriend Sara’s family for the first time – only he has no clue that the house is full of hidden cameras or that her “family” are actually actors, determined to give him a hard time. Brother Chris is in agony after he falls off the roof; sister Hannah’s feelings are hurt… or maybe that’s just the dart in her leg; Mom wants to leave Dad for her secret lover but can’t, because Dad just announced that he’s dying and needs help digging his grave.

W5, CTV – “Suicide Watch” and “The Ebola Plague”
W5 Co-Host and Correspondent Kevin Newman delivers “SUICIDE WATCH”, the first national investigation into mistakes largely hidden from the public, uncovering statistics kept secret by hospitals and government, until now. W5 spent months collecting statistics from every province, using dozens of freedom of information requests to identify the number of suicidal patients who took their own lives during the past 10 years while in care at a Canadian hospital. W5 Correspondent Tom Kennedy reports the second story in the premiere episode, “THE EBOLA PLAGUE.” Kennedy tracks the rapidly spreading and deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, which has now infected thousands in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria, with an estimated 50% death rate. With governments and health agencies desperately seeking to stop the epidemic, W5 looks at the work being done by Canadians to fight the disease and investigates what would happen if the Ebola outbreak spreads to Canada.