Review: Package Deal gets sexy

Thursday’s newest episode of Package Deal was called “Sex, Sex, Sex,” but “Sex, Sex, No Sex,” was more apt when it came to Danny and Kim. As per Andrew Orenstein’s script, the pair were suffering from a “sex slump” that left them wondering why they weren’t getting horizontal anymore. It should be noted that Julia Voth’s Kim has been dressed in sexy sleepwear every week, so perhaps the issue is actually Danny’s.

It’s always tough for a sitcom to advance the characters and any overarching themes within the boundaries of a 22-minute episode, but Package Deal is doing it. After a season of focusing on the brothers as a unit, they’re branching off into separate storylines this time around, making Sheldon and Ryan a little more rounded and adding an edge to Danny that was missing in Season 1.

But I digress. While Danny was having struggles, his brothers were busy spreading their wild oats. Ryan, who appears to be making up for the dearth of sex he had in Season 1, hopped into bed with a woman for the second episode in a row, though Julie (Genevieve Fleming) was even more adventurous than Nikki: she handcuffed Ryan during one experience and was begging him to add choking to his repertoire, something he didn’t feel comfortable doing. Ryan turned to Nikki for advice, she told him to go for it and he did–once–before showing Julie the door. I’m glad that Jay Malone’s Ryan has grown as a character in Season 2; having him be a germaphobe was funny last season, but a bit stifling when it came to where the character could go.

Sheldon, meanwhile, seemed to have landed the perfect woman in Emma (Erica Cerra, Rush) but he soon learned she was only interested in sex in hotel rooms. “Do you know how much those nightstand cashews cost?” he asked his brunette beauty. His credit cards maxed out, Sheldon attempted to woo Emma with Danny’s loft, to no avail.

Danny and Kim finally got over their slump in a scene skewering the cooking show genre. The two became hot and bothered watching an instalment of their favourite cooking competition, which featured a female chef barely able to wrap her hands around a pastry bag as it spurted icing all over a cake. The duo became so aroused Danny jumped Kim’s bones right there on the couch, and their troubles were over.

Package Deal airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on City.


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