Comments and queries for the week of Oct. 10

Strange Empire is my new favourite. I had such high hopes for this and I wasn’t disappointed. I tend to go for good serial dramas with strong female leads and as this is set in the Canadian West, a place very dear to my heart, the show attracted me from the start. Overall, this was a great pilot and I look forward to more. I think the writers did a good job of making the show dark and adult while at the same time keeping out the swearing–I know many people, like my mother, for instance, wouldn’t watch it if there was. I also like the camera work and use of scenery. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode.–AllyI teach a Western genre class at the college level and my students will be learning about this Canadian-focused (and Canadian-produced) series. I thought the first episode was strong, with a good set-up of narrative arcs for development. The lead characters/actors gave strong (and believable) performances. The show’s approach and characters are quite singular, given the current TV (and mainstream Western genre) landscape.–Chad


I was so pleased to see Jo Joyner on Murdoch Mysteries. I hope you  can write her into more episodes. Glad to see our Tanya [from EastEnders] came across the pond! Good luck to her!–Jacqueline

Hang tight Jacqueline, Jo appears in Monday’s episode of Murdoch too!

We love Murdoch Mysteries. [Monday’s] episode was an unbelievable pairing of the dark side of the waterfront and the thugs that control it and the dealing with the feminine movement to gain the vote. It was very violent and we were shocked that the treatment of the women in their “peaceful protest.” We see that Canada (Upper Canada and its Orangemen hold on democracy for men only) was quite violent which is not how I think of Canada. I hope Crabtree gets back with Dr. Grace and that William and Julia get married so they can have their “dream” child.–Lynn

Hold tight, Lynn. Next week’s episode is even better and I can say that things get pretty tough for Dr. Grace and Crabtree…

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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of Oct. 10”

  1. “[S]trong female leads”? The kind that is “tough, cold, terse, taciturn and prone to not saying goodbye when they hang up the phone”?

    If this is actually what it is claimed to be (the shows this commenter “tend[s]” to go for), then can we look at the other shows she watches and do our own feminist analysis? (Isn’t it true the commenter says this is her priority as a mere positioning statement?)

    “Strong female characters” is a buzzword that is ridiculous on its face.

    1. Um, hmmm, not sure what tree you are trying to bark up Joe Clark, but you are kind of a loonytooner and I don`t even know how to respond to your ludicrousity. Please just go and hit the back forty and drink some vico. Now. Please.

      I like shows with strong female leads as opposed to shows starring only male leads with female characters as a sidekick or background character or the damsel-in-distress type. Call it feminist if you want–I really don`t give a flying twig.

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