Review: Bachelor Canada culls more, moves to Tuesdays

The latest news out of The Bachelor Canada is, of course, that Tim Warmels sent more tearful ladies home after deciding they weren’t in the running to be his lady love. But the second thing to note is that, because Fox decided to drop its Tuesday night episode of Utopia–which City simulcasts–The Bachelor Canada moves to Tuesdays starting next week.

As for key storylines for Thursday’s episode, there were a couple. The most notable one–at least for me because I had her in the pool to win–was the tearful exit made by elementary schoolteacher Natalie. Despite the idyllic setting, things were less than ideal on her one-on-one slushy drink date with Tim. Her nervousness at being with him (and it must be noted, desperation) meant she made awkward small talk with The Bachelor. To his credit, Tim announced he wanted Natalie to stick around for the week but admitted he wasn’t going to give her a rose. I understood his reasoning–he wanted to see if he had more of a connection with someone else or not–but I understood her wanting to leave too. Her feelings were hurt and she wanted to exit on her terms alone rather than during a rose ceremony.

Clearly the time away from Nassau and Tim weighed heavily on Natalie’s mind because next week’s Toronto teaser clearly shows (unless the producers pieced together B-roll) Natalie driving her muscle car down the 401 from Cambridge, Ont., to The Big Smoke in a bid to win Tim’s heart. This has happened several times in the Bachelor franchise and I can’t think of one instance where the bachelor or bachelorette welcomed them back into the fold. Natalie’s only chance is that Tim continues to throw curve balls and agrees she can return or that producers tag her to be the lead on the first-ever Bachelorette Canada.

The other major storyline gal-wise was Lisa. The flame-haired single lady has been portrayed as the villain of the season, complaining that Natalie was “cray” and basically making everyone feel less confident about themselves. This may be Lisa’s way of playing the game, but it’s being edited like she’s a holy terror and the other girls are petrified of her.

Rose-wise, the six girls to get them were Sachelle, Lisa (there was a great eye roll from Kaylynn when that happened), Trish (via the shared date rose that sent party girl Rileigh off the island) and April. Tim threw everyone for a loop when he was down to one rose and Kaylynn and Dominque–the two girls he smooched with–before he scampered off and got a second rose so they could both stay. I figure it was allowed because Natalie left unexpectedly; I wonder what Tim’s reaction will be when she arrives in Toronto in the next episode?

The Bachelor Canada moves to Tuesdays starting Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on City.