Link: Celebrity overkill inspires Schitt’s Creek

From Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

Eugene Levy on Celebrity Overkill Inspiring ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Comedy
“Now there’s so much red carpet coverage at every event. All you’re seeing is people asking, ‘What are you wearing, who are you wearing.’ I’ve never seen so much style and money and fashion in your face,” the American Pie star told The Hollywood Reporter from MIPCOM. So Levy partnered with his son, Daniel Levy, to co-create and star in the Canadian-made comedy Schitt’s Creek. Their goal was to explore what would happen if the Kardashians’ fast-expanding media empire suddenly fell apart and went bust. Continue reading.


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  1. Now, I’ve never ever watched any show about the Kardashians but this show could be quite good. I’m curious to see the finished project. Hopefully there will be a few likeable characters as opposed to the flock of annoying and too quirky characters that have plagued Canadian sitcoms of late.

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