Link: Decision to end Republic of Doyle an emotional one

From Laura Kane of the Canadian Press:

‘Republic of Doyle’ star Allan Hawco and cast on the final season
Allan Hawco says the decision to end “Republic of Doyle” was an emotional one. The star and creator of the hit CBC series says that mid-way through the last season, he realized they had “reached their conclusion creatively.” “It’s a tough thing to come to grips with, because you can put the blinders on and push past, and try to keep going for as long as you possibly can. But we felt like creatively we were all at the wall,” the Newfoundland-born actor said in a summer interview. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Decision to end Republic of Doyle an emotional one”

  1. I will always remember RoD for its great characters. Jake, Malachy, Des,Tinny, et al. I really liked the intro of Sloan into the show. While I am greatful for 6 seasons, I can’t help but feeling we didnt get to see enough of certain stuff, like Jake with his brother and sister, Tinny in her relationship with her mother and Jake with Sloan. I guess the show never has been one to delve deeper into the relationships between the different characters vut I often wish it had. I guess it straddled the fine line between a drama and comedy so the serious stuff had to be kept to a minimum but I did miss it with this show.

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