Review: Roller coasters and revolving doors on The Bachelor Canada

The Bachelor Canada offered a lot of drama in its new Tuesday night timeslot, mostly thanks to the usual suspects in Kaylynn, Lisa and Natalie. Yup, Natalie, who decided to drive down the 401 from her hometown of Cambridge, Ont., to convince Tim to let her have the rose ceremony she missed when she left Nassau prematurely.

A lot was made of her return–Lisa whined she wanted to vomit (a weekly occurrence, it should be noted) and Trisha said she looked like a witch thanks to a new dye job–and footage of her knocking on Tim’s hotel door was dramatic. For a few minutes at least. Tim, thrown for a loop by her return, was a gentleman as he listened to Nat’s explanation for leaving, her realization she should have stayed and her level-headed request she be allowed to attend the rose ceremony in the off-chance Tim wanted to keep her around. He didn’t, but it at least gave them both the closure they needed.

Natalie’s return and exit almost overshadowed Dominque, who knocked on Tim’s door minutes after Natalie did with her own request: she wanted to leave. No one could blame her, including Tim who admitted she allowed her to slip through the cracks. The way she as edited, Dominique was quiet and kind and didn’t command air time like Kaylynn, Lisa and Trisha did. That doesn’t make for good TV–or at least a good TV relationship–and she exited stage right. The girl has my respect for being in control of the situation as well as warning Tim, without naming Lisa, to be aware of certain girls still in the running.

Meanwhile, the situation between Kaylynn and the rest of the girls–especially Lisa–has spiralled out of control. The group date to Canada’s Wonderland went from playful to predatory when Kaylynn smooched Tim in front of Trisha, Lisa and Sachelle. Lisa went on the attack and Kaylynn was reduced to tears (a weekly occurrence) and retreated to the bathroom where she wondered if she should leave.

By the time the rose ceremony had rolled around and Trisha, Sachelle, Kaylynn and Lisa had gotten roses to go with the one April snagged during her one-on-one off the top of the show, the battle lines had been drawn: it was Lisa against the rest of the girls. That appears to come to a head next week when everyone jets to Tuscany; Lisa does something she has to apologize to Tim for and she may very well go home because of it.

The Bachelor Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.