One thought on “Link: Republic of Doyle a labour of love for Allan Hawco”

  1. One of the things that has always kept me with the show is the obvious passion Allan Hawco has for the show and Newfoundland and the energy he brought playing Jake Doyle. On paper, it’s not my kind of show but the characters and the place had a spirit to them that I liked. I never much cared for the “case of the week” storylines and I always wanted much more in the way of characters changing and evolving but the show had many moments I enjoyed. I enjoyed the banter between Jake and Mal, Jake and Des, the comedically ridiculous events that transpired, the intro of a daughter for Jake, and the many other parts. Kudos to a great 6 seasons. There’s not too many of my shows that make it that far so it’s great. Out of the 38 other shows I currently watch (year-round not all at once) only 5 (Heartland, Big Bang Theory, Degrassi, Parenthood & Grey’s Anatomy) have reached the sixth season mark so six seasons is impressive.

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