Link: Lost Girl writers team up for Killjoys

From Den of Geek:

New Details on Syfy’s Killjoys
Fans of Lost Girl and Orphan Black, delight! Fans of women who kick butt onscreen and off, you are allowed to delight even more. Whyfore you ask? Because Michelle Lovretta, Lost Girl writing veteran and the show’s producer Emily Andras have joined super-sexy forces to create a female helmed space-action romp like no other. Their show, Killjoys, is about a group of bounty hunters — in space! Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Lost Girl writers team up for Killjoys”

  1. I like the concept. I’m not a Lost Girl fan but nor am I an anti-fan. I found the show okay but the episodes built up on my dvr so much that I ultimately dropped the show. I’ve been a fan of many sci-fi series so I’ll check this out for sure when it debuts.

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