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Link: Michelle Lovretta Wraps Up Killjoys Season 3

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Michelle Lovretta Wraps Up Killjoys Season 3
“I wanted to, as a writer, be able to set the table literally and metaphorically for myself by starting the episode with family because that’s where Killjoys begins and ends for me. Every season we add a few people to the mix or temporarily or permanently, as the case may be, take people out of the mix.” Continue reading.





Space Renews Its Most-Watched Original Series KILLJOYS for Two Additional, Final Seasons

From a media release:

Space announced today from Fan Expo Canada it has renewed its original series KILLJOYS for Seasons 4 and 5, ahead of its Season 3 finale airing tonight at 8 p.m. ET.  The two-season, 20-episode pickup will act as the final chapters for the fan-favourite Space drama.

Created by Executive Producer Michelle Lovretta (LOST GIRL) and produced by Temple Street, a division of Boat Rocker Studios in association with Space and SYFY,KILLJOYS follows a trio of reclamation agents – or “Killjoys” – as they get pulled further into political turmoil and the deepening mystery surrounding the Quad system, despite their vow to never take sides. Season 4 is slated to begin production in Toronto in 2018.

“KILLJOYS has been a jewel in the Space summer schedule and we are thrilled to deliver two more final seasons of this high-octane adventure series to a devoted audience,” said Pat DiVittorio, Vice-President, Programming, CTV and Specialty. “We have no doubt Lovretta, along with the incredibly talented trio of lead actors, will see this series through to a thrilling end.”

“A two season final order is a huge vote of confidence for a show that just keeps getting better and better,” said David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, Co-Presidents of Boat Rocker Studios and Executive Producers of KILLJOYS.  “We are so proud of the reception and support KILLJOYS has had from critics and fans alike and are thrilled to be able to plan a deserving ending for Dutch, D’Av and Johnny. It continues to be an incredible intergalactic journey and we could not have wished for better partners to share the ride.”

“This is the kind of privilege every creator hopes for – a chance to plan the end of your tale with confidence, and the luxury of 20 episodes with which to do it right,” said Michelle Lovretta, Creator and Executive Producer of KILLJOYS. “I’m immensely grateful that both network partners and Temple Street have given our team, cast, and fans this incredible opportunity.”

Reprising her lead role in the action-packed series, Hannah John-Kamen returns as Dutch, an audacious bounty hunter with a fierce dedication to her Killjoy family, on a quest to solve the mystery of her own identity. An undeniable rising star, John-Kamen is gearing up for a major breakout in the film industry with a series of upcoming must-see films, including the Tomb Raider reimagining (2018) and Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One (2018). She has also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her upcoming key role in the Ant Man sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp! (2018).

Rounding out the lead cast is Aaron Ashmore as Dutch’s loyal long-time partner John Jaqobis, the resident brain, mechanic, and pilot with a vulnerable heart, and Luke MacFarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, a born soldier who’s tactical skills and loyalty are as strong as his jawline.

A Top 10 program on Space, and still its most-watched original series ever, Season 3 of KILLJOYS reached more than 600,000 viewers each week. Seasons 1 and 2 of KILLJOYS are streaming now on CraveTV.

In tonight’s Season 3 finale, “Wargasm,” (Friday, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. ET on Space), it’s go time. The Killjoy militia has gathered everything they need and are ready to go to war with Aneela and her Hullen armada, using Delle Seyah as bait.  But as the battle begins, Aneela changes the entire game.

KILLJOYS is created by Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl, The Secret Circle) who also serves as Executive Producer. Executive producers are David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, and Karen Troubetzkoy.

KILLJOYS is produced by Temple Street, a division of Boat Rocker Studios in association with Space and SYFY. Production Executives for Bell Media are Rebecca DiPasquale and Kathleen Meek.




Link: Killjoys’ score heightens our emotions and helps bring the drama

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys’ score heightens our emotions and helps bring the drama
Make no mistake, music can totally change the game when it comes to a television series. When done right, a great score can heighten the drama, amp up the action and flood viewers with a rush of emotion towards the story being told on screen. From the very beginning, Killjoys has been one of the best shows on TV when it comes to using music to its benefit. Continue reading.




Killjoys heads for a “Wargasm”

This is it, Killjoys fans. The final battle for the whole enchilada. The Season 3 finale, “Wargasm,” is upon us. Written by series creator Michelle Lovretta and directed by Stefan Pleszczynski, the episode wins top marks for the title alone.

Will Killjoys be renewed for a fourth go-round? While we wait to get an official word—what is taking so long??—here’s the episode synopsis via Space:

It’s go time. The Killjoy militia has gathered everything they need and are ready to go to war with Aneela and her Hullen using Delle Seyah as bait. But as the battle begins, Aneela changes the entire game.

And here are more non-spoiler teases after watching the episode.

Alvis has left the building
We had stuffed this bad news into a deep corner of our minds after it happened last week. The “previously on” recapped that awful moment once again. Can we get a slow clap for Morgan Kelly for his awesome portrayal of that lovable Scarback?

A final drink
This wicked-cool group shot has been online for a few days now and we love it. Google “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci and compare the two images. Who is The Savior? Who are their loyal followers? Who is the traitor? And who will be sacrificed for our sins? The sepia-toned scene of Dutch, D’Av and Johnny, surrounded by their faithful fighters, is wonderful and sad. And Dutch’s narration played over a montage of her memories, will have you reaching for the tissues. Also? Pree’s war paint is. Bad. Ass.

Zeph and Dutch have a moment
It’s during final prep for Dutch’s head-to-head to Aneela, and it’s tearfully touching.

Turin returns
With close to 10 minutes already elapsed in the episode—and as familiar faces congregated—I wondered if our favourite scratchy-voiced ginger would appear. He does, but can he be trusted by our heroes?

Aneela changes the entire game.
Indeed she does, and our trio don’t see it coming. I yelled “No!” out loud when I realized what was happening. Not good, folks. Not good. Michelle Lovretta promised a drag-em-out fight between Dutch and Aneela in the season finale and she wasn’t lying: it’s a showstopper. I can’t even imagine the prep work and coordination involved to make it look so seamless on TV. Kudos to the stunt crew, doubles and Hannah John-Kamen for some gripping fight footage.

The space battle is top-notch
I have no clue what the CGI budget is for Killjoys, but they must have gone way over with the battle footage. It’s fantastic.

The Killjoys season finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Space.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.