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Links: Killjoys’ series finale

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Michelle Lovretta talks wrapping up Killjoys
“When I look at that beautiful shot, of all of our wonderful dorks standing in a row on a hill, what makes me so happy is I wouldn’t necessarily have known the exact list of people who would be there. And I think that what’s joyful to me is a lot of them are people that I didn’t know I was going to get to know as well as I did. And to see them standing there as equals with everybody else really was the fun of writing television versus writing a feature or writing a novel. You are able to pivot and take some new directions, and take advantage of collaboration, and that’s a part of it that I love.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta on saying goodbye
“It really is incredibly daunting having to contemplate how to end all five seasons. I think the way through it is remembering how you started. Ideally, when you first create something, you don’t do it for anybody else. You don’t dream it up hoping for a sale. You don’t even tell anyone the details for a long while. You just hold these precious, weirdo little imaginary friends in your head and heart and tell yourself a story that’s just for you, and ultimately, that’s how I approached the finale.” Continue reading.

From Maureen Ryan of IGN:

Link: Killjoys series finale ending explained by creator Michelle Lovretta
“I always like to tell a story and find a story through the characters. And obviously, I think it’s pretty evident that I have fallen pretty deeply in love with these characters from the very first frame and the very first page. So to me, it was always important that I had a direction of where they would personally end up. I always knew that Johnny was going to be departing on his own adventures. I always knew that Dutch and D’avin we’re going to have to sort of renegotiate what they wanted out of their lives.” Continue reading. 

From Alexis Gunderson of Paste:

Link: Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta on the series finale and the power of joy
“We wrapped shooting quite a while ago, so I had sort of felt prepared and at arm’s length, but [now] I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic and just full of a shit-ton of love. And all the cast has been emailing each other, getting ready—it’s just been a great feeling of togetherness before the end.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta on showing truthful relationships and giving your audience hope
“We treat adult friendship like a lesser waiting room, a place to hang out and kill time while you wait for your Real Relationships and life to begin. I fundamentally disagree with that. I love friendships that go deeper and become family: Kenzi & Bo, Johnny & Dutch. In both cases, people behind the scenes occasionally tried to make them sexual or romantic, and I said no.” Continue reading. 

From John Baker of Three If By Space:

Killjoys: Thom Allison Says Goodbye To Pree, Hello To What’s Next – Interview
“All the Killjoys fans have been smart and loving and there’s been no trolling or meanness that I’ve experienced. They have been generous and sweet and interested in the show. They’ve noticed details in the choice of costume or in the characters and I’ve loved that engagement. I’ve never had that experience in that kind of way. There were a lot of first for me (with Killjoys).” Continue reading.

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Final thoughts from the Killjoys team
“What I loved about the show so much, much like my life and the lives of my friends and everybody who worked on the show, is that we’re just off on another mission. We’re off to do something else. We’re still doing our thing and we’re connected by these threads to our past.” Continue reading.