Two men wearing period costume.

Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Bad Pennies”

The consensus is that you all loved last Monday’s Season 13 return of Murdoch Mysteries. And why not? A great storyline, a masterful Orsini bomb build by Craig Grant and a fantastic guest stint by Claire Goose added up to a stellar 43-or-so minute instalment.

On to Monday’s new instalment, “Bad Pennies,” written by showrunner Peter Mitchell and directed by Harvey Crossland. Here’s what the CBC revealed as the official storyline:

When a dockworker is shot, Murdoch pursues an elusive witness and learns anti-union thugs may be involved. 

And here, as always, are a few more tidbits from me after checking out a screener.

Three men stand, wearing period clothing.A footrace on the Murdoch set
I’ve visited the set of Murdoch Mysteries several times, so I know how small it was in those early days. It’s gotten progressively larger, something that is really shown off in the episode’s opening moments.

Marc Senior joins Murdoch Mysteries
Introduced in “Bad Pennies,” Senior plays Special Agent Robert Parker, a recurring character. The Toronto actor has appeared in The Magicians, Timeless and The Gourmet Detective TV-movies. Also, keep an eye out for Michael Rhoades and George Masswohl in guest appearances this week. Sebastian Pigott, Clare McConnell and James McGowan return as Dr. Dixon, Effie Newsome and Dr. Forbes, respectively.

Julia is enraged
And it has everything to do with the aforementioned Doctors Dixon and Forbes.Two men and a woman stand in period clothing.Henry gets drunk
And it’s very, very funny.

Miss Hart vs. Detective Murdoch
He was positively rude to her last week. The trend continues. If looks could kill…

Inspector Brackenreid is on the warpath
Murdoch and Crabtree get the rough side of the Inspector’s tongue. I wonder what could be bothering him? An impending visit from his daughter perhaps?

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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9 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Bad Pennies””

  1. Episode 1 was great with an interesting storyline and great acting. The role of Julia was the main and Helen Joy is as always magnificent! She probably should return to the work of the coroner and work again with William Murdoch. We hope that episode 2 will be no less impressive!

  2. It just keeps getting better and better!! The characters keep evolving which is what life is all about. Love, love the stories and the complexities of the characters lives.

  3. We’re fortunate to get CBLT on cable, but the picture froze at the very end of “Troublemakers.” We know who was behind the bombing, but what happened in the last two minutes of the show? Anything besides the letter from Brackenreid’s daughter?

  4. @ErinAgostino Nina Bloom in Murdoch Mysteries is ready to come back from Paris
    @CBCMurdoch and @JollyHarris wants her back @louford1

  5. Last season I wished for a more meaningful role for Helen Joy and the show appears to be on the right track for that in this season, including the fact that she was made executive producer. Now I also wish she would return to her job as coroner and work closely with Murdoch as crime solving partners as in the past. I like the addition of that special detective. Without any discredit for the actor who plays Watts, I will not miss the character if he does not return. He was quirky at first but not so much after, he did not seem to fit in with the rest of the regular cast, at least not for the long run. I was puzzled by Julia’s scene with that young Dr. (who was obviously attracted to her last season). That long look she exchanged with him was intriguing, as if she felt like kissing him and I thought she almost did. Rather disturbing to me, but effective for the scene.

    1. Its called Murdoch Mysteries, Julia should be back as the coroner working with William. I absolutely love the romance between the two but I fear the writers are going to split them up. Which would end it for me and Murdoch Mysteries. I couldn’t watch Julia in the arms of another man.

  6. Great episode! But perhaps Julia is better off returning to the position of coroner, where her work was more efficient and did not create the same stress for her as in surgery. Alarming Julia’s behavior with Dr. Dixon. The harmonious relationship of William and Julia should not be destroyed, they have survived a lot together throughout the seasons. Their teamwork and deep feelings is the main storyline of the show and should remain so!
    Sorry for the poor English, this is not my native language.

  7. It is bothersome when shows do something that undermines it’s essential goal, and part of that has always been that true love exists and is worth fighting for. The writers put in years investing in the relationship and to have a hint of unfaithfulness is troubling. And of course, it would be on Julia’s part. William has always been the one to give up everything for her – while encouraging her to do what she wants and needs. My heart is broken. The first episode was so promising… Very disappointing.

    1. I agree, but I do love Julia. My favorite character – any episode she’s not in I tend to skip on a rewatch binge. I love her in the earlier seasons where she is bold and fierce, and pushes Murdoch to think for himself or reconsider things. I also love that Murdoch is supportive of her decisions and genuinely puts her happiness above his own. I mean, the loyalty, love, and respect that has been evident between them should always be the most eminent thing we see instead of ‘it just happened’ kind of mentality that we see in shows today – that lust is more important and stronger than commitment. But still, Julia and Murdoch definitely do have passion towards each other, last season went out of the way to show us that. The first episode this season was sweet between them, and I loved how Julia put that guy in the end in his place (throwing the glass in his face), so when she closed the door this week and hugged the guy she must have known it was a bad choice, obviously.
      All that said, I am happy Julia is playing a larger role this season already, I’ve missed her, and I love the 2 together. But I also appreciate the mysteries and inventions, the historical figures and the gallantry, and I have to say they were better earlier seasons. I’m hoping the season picks up some more steam, I’d be sad to see it end, and it may sound silly, but if the writers do more to keep Julia and Murdoch apart, it’s the end for me anyhow. Like you said, too much has been invested, to ruin it now would diminish the relationship completely. I feel better getting this all out, damm good tv!

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