Comments and queries for the week of Oct. 24

Who is the actress playing Morgan Finn, a.k.a. the guy Rebecca was flirting with on Strange Empire? I’m 99 per cent sure she is an actress, but it’s driving me crazy because I can’t place her or confirm it. The worst part is the character is currently not showing up on the the show’s IMDb cast list. If you who who she is, which show she’s from (I feel she’s from a CTV or Global series), please share.–Sarah

Good eye Sarah. That’s Joanne Boland playing Morgan Finn on Strange Empire. According to her IMDB page, Boland’s resumé includes roles on Copper, Lost Girl, Flashpoint, Haven and Being Erica.

If they divide Ty and Amy again and not have them marry, our household will not support Heartland.–Valerie


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  1. THANK YOU. This show’s CBC page is pretty damn sparse on cast info, and the show itself quite coy ;-) Spotted that handsome young woman immediately, but thanks to living in the great savage country to the south, don’t know Canadian actors as well as I’d like.
    This show has a strangeness all its own, and once again I’m grateful to Canadian television for going where the states never will.

    1. I think they might be saving the revelation for a plot twist on the show, but the CBC had no problem confirming what you suspected. Scoop!!

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