Tonight: Strange Empire, Canada’s Worst Driver

Strange Empire, CBC – “The Whiskey Trader”
Slotter attempts to hang two Blackfoot as scapegoats for the massacre. But Kat’s neck ends up in the noose as the camp turns against her.

Canada’s Worst Driver, Discovery – season premiere
With aluminum and tin as the traditional 10th Anniversary gifts, heaps of twisted automotive metal isn’t far off the mark. Celebrating a decade, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER returns to Discovery for Season 10. With more than 7,000 worst driver nominations, 64 horrific drivers, 198 challenges, 50 seriously wrecked cars — and just one really brave host, Andrew Younghusband – the past nine seasons have tackled the hazards of winter driving, adapted high-performance tips from the racetrack, and manouvered through big city gridlock. And now, for Season 10, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER contends with the most rampant challenge on the roads today: Distracted driving.