Why Horror documentary premieres on Super Channel

From a media release:

New Documentary “WHY HORROR?” to premiere in time for Halloween

  • Premieres Tuesday, October 28 – 9:00 pm (ET) on Super Channel
  • Click here to view the WHY HORROR? trailer


Tal Zimerman loves horror. He writes about it in the genre’s leading magazines. He lectures about it at conventions. He’s even an avid collector of it. But lately he’s been asking himself why he, and millions of other people around the world, are obsessed with horror. On Tuesday, October 28 at 9:00 p.m. Super Channel premieres WHY HORROR?, a feature documentary that follows Tal Zimerman around the world as he tries to understand why we love to be scared. WHY HORROR? gives fans unparalleled access to genre-defining creators such as Elijah Wood, John Carpenter and Eli Roth.

Horror entertainment instantly attracts or repulses audiences – and yet, it’s a global phenomenon. Millions of people love it, yet horror fans are often misunderstood. In WHY HORROR?, Tal Zimerman takes us on a journey to understand why horror fans like himself thrive on blood and guts found in movies, books, music, graphic novels and video games.Horror is popular worldwide, but different cultures present it in unique ways. Tal travels to Japan, England, Mexico and across North America to explore how local traditions and beliefs shape the creation and perception of horror in the biggest horror consuming countries.

Directed by Rob Lindsay and Nicolas Kleiman and produced by Don Ferguson Productions, WHY HORROR? includes in-depth conversations with international horror filmmakers such as George A. Romero, Takashi Shimizu, Alexandre Aja, Ben Wheatley, Alex de la Iglesia and Canadian scare Queens Jen and Sylvia Soska, as well as countless other writers, historians, scientists and psychologists.

In addition to making its Super Channel broadcast premiere on October 28, 2014, WHY HORROR? will be screening at Toronto After Dark Film Festival on Oct. 23 at 9:30 pm. Other international film festivals include: Feratum in Mexico (Oct. 4), Sitges in Spain (Oct. 10), and Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival in Belgium (Nov. 11).