Review: Hometown hell on The Bachelor Canada

After the shocking events of last Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelor Canada–Lisa stayed and Kaylynn was eliminated–I was truly interested to see how Tim’s hometown visits would go. Especially when it came to seeing Lisa in Calgary. Would he revisit the drama of the week before and question her more deeply about her kissing another man, or would bygones be bygones?

The producers saved all that for the last visit on Tim’s schedule by having him travel to see Trish, Sachelle and April first.

Trish’s hometown date in Edmonton was brilliant, offering the hockey-crazed bachelor not only a genuine Leafs jersey–with Warmels on the back, it should be noted–but also with some ice time on the local rink. After scoring some points on the net and Trish, Tim was hoping to win some from her family. It started out a little awkwardly–having an entire family come walking down the driveway will do that–before settling into oddness at the dinner table. (How did I know it was odd? Why, the producers were playing off-kilter music to let me know.) A round of “Jesus Loves Me” later and that was pretty much it. I expected Trish’s brother–sporter of some bad-ass shades–to pull Tim aside and quiz him on the “journey,” but that never materialized. Trish and Tim did, however, admit to falling for each other, the closest either would come to using the “l” word. (Did anyone else half-expect to see Gam-Gam peeking through the drapes while T&T made out?)

Things didn’t look good for Sachelle, meanwhile, after she learned their Porter flight with Tim from Toronto to her hometown of Sudbury, Ont., was grounded for hours by fog. Undeterred–and realizing the entire city of Toronto was right behind them–Tim turned her frown upside down and the pair hopped into a cab and headed to his Queen St. West neighbourhood for a coffee, some prime people watching and talk of babies. (I love how they made Sachelle seem like a big-city newbie in awe of everything in Toronto.) And while Tim suspected it would be Sachelle’s brother, Shane, who would pull him aside for a chat it was actually her father who did it first. They were quickly joined by Shane, who played bad cop by telling Tim to let Sachelle go if the feelings weren’t there. Gee, thanks buddy. Also, if Tim does dump Sachelle, I’m assuming Shane’s veiled threats about putting a hurt on Tim will have had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, April was battling with nerves and trust. It was something she hoped they would address once he arrived in Wasaga Beach, Ont. The date started off very seriously, with April revealing her father passed away at a young age of a drug overdose and that they wouldn’t be meeting her mother either because the two don’t get along. Instead, they had dinner with April’s grandparents, who have been raising her. April’s grandmother put Shane to shame, observing that Tim liked to work out a lot and that she could see right through him. Turns out the comment may have been taken out of context–I know, shocking–because she then complimented Tim on having great qualities.

So, what happened in Calgary? Tim was up front with Lisa, first admitting that he could totally see himself falling for her. Then came the but: he wasn’t going any further in the relationship with Lisa and would not be meeting her family for dinner. Unless the producers asked him to keep Lisa around to make for a dramatic hometown visit–and I have no reason to suspect this–Tim made a tough last-minute decision. Was it the right one? It’s easy for me to say yes, but clearly it weighed on him. And despite me not liking Lisa, The Bachelor Canada contestant, I didn’t feel any joy at seeing her cut down like that. I also don’t envy her; she’ll be the girl who was eliminated from the show for kissing a dude in Italy for awhile.

The lack of a third rose confirmed what April, Trish and Sachelle suspected–Lisa had been dropped–opening the door for the season finale. So, who will Tim have to choose between? April and Trish. I told you: Shane scared Tim off with his aggressiveness and punching talk. In the meantime, next week’s Women Tell All special looks exciting, with appearances by Lisa and Natalie, eye rolling and a rare appearance by host Tyler Harcott.

The Bachelor Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.

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