One thought on “Ratings: Week of October 20”

  1. I retired last spring and had a lot of pleasure watching ‘Heartland’ at 3pm all summer up until recently, when the new show started on Sunday nights. So, why was the afternoon edition at 3pm knocked off in place of cooking shows, etc., that I am not interested in!!?? So, If I knew what year the afternoon showings were, I could catch them and watch by computor. To remind you folk, it was after Lou(?) got married and moved to Dubai with her new husband, and before you knew it she was back at Heartland, which surprised me. So, if someone could tell me what year and/or episode they were, that would be a great help!! Please help, and I thank you, in advance!!

    I just tried to ‘send/post’ this to you people at CBC, and I’m accused of sending SPAM!! For years I have been a CBC fan, both on TV AND RADIO, AND I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING ACCUSED OF SENDING SPAM!! iS THAT THE THANKS A LONG TIME CBC FAN GETS!!!?? NOT FUNNY. PISSES ME RIGHT OFF!! ANSWERS PLEASE!!

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