Review: Darkside Seekers return to Haven

I should have known the Darkside Seekers would be Duke’s last ditch effort when it came to solving the puzzle of Nathan’s … spirituality. Unfortunately, it was just Seth who arrived in town during Thursday’s episode, “Exposure” (no Anderson meant no possible Masterson family reunion) to communicate with Nathan and possibly cure what ailed him.

“I take it from your desperate phone call and baffled expressions that you are are in dire straits,” Seth began. “Fear not. The calvary has arrived.” He quickly explained that Anderson wasn’t there because of he’d become rich and moved on before the trio got down to business.

How far would you go to be reunited with the person you love? We’ve seen just how far Nathan will go, and “Exposure,” echoed his journey through Morgan, the dead guy who was supposedly helping Nathan get them back to the land of the living. I say supposedly, because Morgan had no interest in actually returning because it meant his cancer would consume his body again. So desperate to keep this from happening, Morgan killed Glenn and was focused on doing the same to Nathan. I definitely felt for the guy. Another sharp-eyed reviewer supposed that Amy, the woman taking pictures at the market, was not only behind the Trouble affecting these folks but was Morgan’s wife. That proved to be true on Thursday–the original Trouble had evolved from affecting an artist and his painting to photography–and Amy took a picture of Audrey so she could go in and help save Nathan.

“Why do you get to be with the one you love?!” Morgan screamed as his plan to reunite with Amy went downhill. It’s a fair point, and drove home to Nathan just how single-minded (and selfish) he’s been all along when it comes to Audrey.

Duke and Mara, meanwhile, had a drunken heart-to-heart discussion about the former’s memories of his mother so that the latter would reveal her take on the photography Trouble. And while I appreciated the writers giving us insight into Duke’s upbringing–his mom was a deadbeat who only showed up to collect welfare cheques–I was disappointed more time wasn’t spent on him. Duke is a fascinating character with a pretty screwed-up family (remember his serial killer brother?), and we haven’t had a lot of background into what really makes him tick. We did discover that he had to fend for himself from a young age, but that was pretty much it. How did he get his boat? Where does he get his black market supplies from? Does he have cable TV? Questions I wish we had answers to.

Maybe we’ll get more information later this season. “Exposure” was jam-packed with other stuff after all, including Dave and Vince freaking because the secrets of Haven may come out. Sending off a sample of Dave’s leg wound to a lab for testing prefaced the arrival of  Centre for Disease Control’s Dr. Charlotte Cross (Laura Mendell), who showed at the Grey Gull to lurch the Troubles story in a new direction.

 Notes and quotes

  • “Here we are. Miss Marvel, Dave Navarro and the token geek.”–Seth
  • Is Duke letting Mara change her clothes or shower? Isn’t she getting kinda funky by this point?
  • I’m not sure I like the implications of Duke subconsciously saving Mara for himself. Wasn’t he madly in love with Jennifer, like, two weeks ago?

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8 thoughts on “Review: Darkside Seekers return to Haven”

  1. Regarding Duke saving Mara for himself, it does seem a little out there, but perhaps with the combination of his feelings of loss for Jennifer and the feelings he once (and still does?) harbour for Audrey, perhaps this is a way he can have a version of her for himself, albeit a murdering, psychotic, bitchy version.
    I also enjoyed Vince & Dave’s roleplaying shenanigans, first Vince trying to pass himself off as a medical-paper-writer to get the biopsy sample, then Dave as “Chief Wuornos” to take custody of junkie Vince. Also, the good-natured drink they shared at the end was a welcome change from the somewhat adversarial relationship they’ve been having of late.

    1. Dave and Vince have been a lot of fun this season. I was less enthused when Vince was revealed to be the leader of The Guard (a group that is becoming more annoying each week), but having the Teagues’ trying to protect Haven from harm is a good angle. And what the heck is in Dave’s leg that caused the CDC to arrive???

  2. I had thought Dave was able to grab his sample as they left, but obviously not – hence the arrival of the CDC at the end.
    And I forgot to mention I enjoyed Kris Lemche’s return to the show. Always enjoyed him since “Final Destination 3.”
    Side note: Are you guys based in BC? Only explanation I can think of as to why the time stamps on the posts are 3 hours behind Eastern time where I am. Not a biggie, just a little weird.

    1. Holy cow, I totally missed that. Dave DID leave with the sample, because he said he was taking it as evidence. So, was there another sample that we didn’t see??

      Diane lives in Vancouver, so that’s why the time stamps are three hours off. I’m in Toronto, so it took some getting used to when scheduling stories to publish at the right time.

  3. Greg, I love your comments on Haven! To tell you the truth, I am sick and tired of split-personality Audrey and lovesick Nathan!!! I really miss Jennifer. She brought a cute/fun element to Duke’s life and seemed like his soulmate. I am still a Haven fan, but I wish they would get off this 2 Audrey storyline!

    1. Thanks Haven Momma! Yeah, I really miss Jennifer too. She brought some much-needed spunk and lightness to Haven, a place that is becoming more dark and dour as the seasons go by. I’m getting frustrated with the storyline as well. Hopefully it’s resolved and we can move on to another overarching theme for the rest of this season.

  4. Well, I can’t answer whether or not Duke has cable tv, or where he gets his black market stuff from. But his boat?

    They revealed ages back that Duke won his boat in a poker game… that was rigged. Duke’s dad bought the Cape Rouge and then had the former owner deliberately “lose” it to Duke.

    This was right around the time they originally revealed the Crocker trouble, iirc.

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