Bryan Baeumler builds family home In the Sticks


From a media release:

Contracting superstar Bryan Baeumler, his wife Sarah, and their budding brood are welcoming HGTV Canada back into their home this winter in House of Bryan: In The Sticks, premiering Sunday, December 14, 2014 with back-to-back episodes at 9pm ET/PT. Following a second season that reached over 6.5 milllion viewers (V2+)*, the third installment of Bryan and Sarah’s adventure sees them uprooting their family from the city and moving to the country to build their forever home on 16 acres of Ontario backwoods.

Bryan always advises moving out for any major renovation, but with their city home listed for sale, he’s going against his own advice. With three young kids and another on the way, the Baeumler’s face a burgeoning display of chaos and construction as the family tackles their biggest and most important build yet. Once the exterior is complete, Sarah must juggle her roles as wife, mother, and chief designer as she’s tasked with turning this new house into a home.

Four years ago, the Baeumler family marked the first season of House of Bryan by building a custom home in Oakville, Ontario. In the show’s second season, viewers watched on as they built their majestic cottage on a rugged, northern island in House of Bryan: On The Rocks. Just months after completing their northern abode, the family is trading in their city home for country life.


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  1. He is backing businesses that he knows nothing about. We had a flood in a house in Calgary , Alberta in 2013 and used a restoration company he endorsed. What a joke! They walked off the job in 2 hours.

    1. I’ve used a couple of their Approved business and had a small issue, but when I contacted them they sorted it out right away. Did you follow up with their office?

  2. Cannot watch anymore baumler shows until Sarah is off the air. Brian is fabulous Sarah is nothing but annoying. Show was a winner when Adam and Rebecca involved. Even Brian on his own is fun to watch. Sarah is a bitch and not even remotely enjoyable to watch! Please take her off the shows!!!!

    1. Wow Jane, you sound a little jealous! Sarah’s obviously a strong Woman, and a busy wife and Mom. I bet you’re beat down little wallflower that’s not allowed to have an opinion in your home! :P I think Brian is great, and I think they make a great team. Watching them go through this reno and living there reminds me and my husband of our last renovation.

      1. Jealous of Sarah bring a bitch? Wrong. Wouldn’t trade places with Bryan for all the money in the world.

  3. Sarah may be annoying but she allows Bryan to shine and use his wit. Lets worry about worse things. Thousand stopped watching American Idol, when Ellen D. was a judge. Now HGTV has her. Wonder if their ratings will tank, I know I’ll not be watching too longif her lack of Humor is as bad. Perhaps her writers can save her in this venue. When she has to interact with intelligent people she quite often falls flat.

    1. Glad someone posted something. I am finding it difficult to watch her. Perhaps it’s the editing, but she comes across as entitled. A $20,000 custom imported monster of a stove, and now she “will learn how to cook”. All we ever hear is how they need a big kitchen and space for all the family entertaining they do. I am more interested in the nuts and bolts of this construction, and the real obstacles people encounter in a major Reno. That is why all his other programs have done so well. He’s funny and educational without being demeaning.

      1. So true! I can’t stand his wife. Can’t watch the show because of the extravagance. I thought his home construction would be more like his Other Brian shows. More on the construction part and keeping costs down within a budget. His own personal budget must be sky high! He’s all about the shiny expensive top of the line appliances, marble floors and stone countertops. That’s not what most of us can afford when we try to remodel. So what’s the point of showing us this?

  4. My husband and I can not watch the “Sarah show” any more. We love to learn and watch Bryan, but we just can’t stand her involvement. She comes across as the major brains behind the operation when we know there are so many people involved. We have watched our last episode.

  5. I agree with many posts here. Bryan is great. Sarah is cloying and annoying. We literally change channels the moment she walks into the room. What a bitch know it all. I would recommend Sarah watch he american show Fixer Upper amd check out Joanna Gaines in how to be smart and respectful and not a grade 10 spoiled brat

  6. Please make it stop ! We love Bryan and his personality but I would love to see him go to Sarah’s dance studio and start bossing her around . Show should stay with the same direction minus one . Sorry Sarah .

  7. Almost forgot we love Joanna Gaines and Chip . Great example of a couple adding positively to a show .

    1. I love that show! That represents more of what I’d like to see as well. Come on Canada, where are our country’s great husband and wife team?!

  8. My husband and I will no longer be watching. We really enjoy Brian and his knowledge and humor but Sarah has ruined the show for us.

  9. I can’t stand watching when Sarah is on. Bryan is fantastic, funny, and knows his stuff. I don’t see that marriage lasting if she acts like that off camera. She comes across as spoiled and disrespectful.

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