Comments and queries for the week of Nov. 21

This week brought more comments regarding CBC’s Strange Empire, including one viewer from south of the border. Several readers weighed in on Tim Warmels final Bachelor Canada choice between Trish and April (spoiler alert, he chose April) and Sebastian Clovis has got a growing fan club.

Why isn’t [Strange Empire] getting major press coverage? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the CBC (granted, I’m American, so that’s not much). It also wouldn’t play well down here; it’s a feminist show with a multicultural cast. I’m hoping against hope it gets renewed.–Kianna

Tim seems like a playboy and fake not a genuine, caring man. Both girls are better off without him!!!!–Ann

I love Tackle My Reno. It is informative and uplifting and all because of Sebastian. I think this is truly Sebastian’s niche. Big fan!!!–Sandy

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